What’s the deal with Scent Changing Deodorant?

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Just this month, KL Skin Naturals revealed a completely new concept for natural deodorant. A SCENT CHANGING All Natural Deodorant. Like MAGIC, these craftily assembled tubes will allow you to experience deodorant in a way you’ve never known. You’re probably wondering what the heck all the excitement is about. After all, it’s deodorant…how exciting can this get? Hopefully by the end of this post, you will understand 🙂

First of all, the deodorant formula itself is not one bit different in these 3 in 1 beauties than any other solo scent we offer. It’s still our award-winning, powdery-soft hand blended deodorant that we’ve been making for 4 years now. Rest assured that the effectiveness is as top notch as always! These deodorants are unique in the WAY  they are poured. Intrigued?

TRIPLE CHARM, with layers of juicy Blackberry Lime, smooth Coconut Cream, and sugary Passion Peach.

Without completely giving away our method, we will simply say that inside the tube is 3 layers of deodorant, each with their own scent. This creates the changing scent effect as you use the deodorant. The rate at which you use up your deodorant will determine WHEN  your deodorant will change scent.

For ease of calculation, let’s say you take 3 months to use up your stick. If you are using the new “TRIPLE CHARM“, made up of the following 3 scent layers – Blackberry Lime/Coconut Cream/Passion Peach – your first month you will be applying the Blackberry Lime, your second month will smell like Coconut Cream, and the third month will finish off with Passion Peach. This example is just to illustrate the concept, and is by no means accurate in terms of the actual time you will spend with each scent. These are, as all our deodorants are, hand-poured, and slight variations within the batches are totally normal.

We did not come up with this concept recently. These “triple” deodorants were one of our original lines a couple years ago, but we faded them out when we redesigned our labels. For the past year, they were like the elephant in the room, waiting for their turn for the big reveal. We wanted to make sure they received proper recognition for how special they are. Unique in production and design, we chose a dramatic black label and an individual-to-each icon illustrating the intended target audience.

TRIPLE PEAK, with layers of fresh Alpine Dew, Cypress, and earthy Green Summit.
TRIPLE ESSENCE, with layers of breezy Peppermint, soothing Lavender, and cheerful Lemongrass.

The scents within each variety are carefully coordinated to compliment each other as they softly transition. “TRIPLE PEAK”, for example, has scents that inspire adventure in the back-country lover. “TRIPLE ESSENCE” gently travels through therapeutic layers of mood enhancing essential oils. “TRIPLE CHARM” offers a fun journey with boldly amazing scent layers that will leave you swooning. See the featured scents on the reverse side of the label.


Choose one of these exciting SCENT CHANGING deodorants and never get bored with your scent! Experience the magical transition through 3 different scents in one tube. Gift one to a friend if you’re not sure what scent they will like, Christmas is just around the corner! These deodorants are so much fun, we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!

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