Nestled in the tree filled mountains by Kootenay Lake, Nelson BC Canada, KL Skin Naturals was founded in 2013 by owner, Leah. All our products are produced by hand from the very first measure to the very last label. Each recipe was worked, researched, perfected, and tested on our friends and family, who all agree we have some unique and effective products to offer.

Leah began this business after a brief health issue left her questioning the conventional ways of life. She felt compelled to pursue wellness by introducing clean products and foods into her home. She believed that by making body care products by hand, she could select the most natural ingredients and eliminate the guesswork out of reading labels. Through feedback from friends and family, Leah soon discovered her products were incredibly effective. Intended solely for personal use, she never imagined that these products would ever become the business venture it is today!

In 2016, her deodorant won a Clean Beauty Award in Toronto, being named their 2016 Top Performer, competing against small business brands all across Canada. She was also a finalist for 2017, and her deodorant was featured in Alive magazine in April that year. These milestones, paired with the out-pour of customer support and enthusiasm, have fueled her immense ambition to continue to pursue growth and development.

A big thank you goes out to the people who are also part of the KL team. Allison the hardest worker we’ve ever seen, Will ( the graphic whiz, friends and family, as well as all the local business who supply ingredients! Our business would never make it to this level without these amazing people.