Natural Deodorant is the New Black

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There is a trend sweeping the nation right now, one armpit at a time. 

Deodorant sales are on the rise around the planet as a whole. Out of the increasing desire for a more presentable personal image, the population is demanding more from their personal hygiene care products. Researchers are showing us that aluminum, parabens, and other such chemicals are bad for our health, so not only are we hoping to smell better, we are also hoping to avoid becoming a statistic.

Unfortunately for those who have persevered in the past, the natural deodorant options did not always meet our expectations. Many bathroom cabinets hold the abandoned remains of ones attempt to find that magic tube or jar that would renew their faith in the anti-antiperspirant movement. This stage of defeat is usually followed by the very predictable next stage: DIY experimentation. At this point, many discover that there is promising hope for some of the simple ingredients they have read about using, such as coconut oil and baking soda. But lacking adequate time and tools, this stage often fades like your teenagers turquoise dye job.

Fortunately, there are companies who are now answering the call to action, with natural AND effective formulas. In 2013, KL Skin Naturals set out to make a broad selection of high quality all natural body care products (which we still do – see our “More Products” menu) but unintentionally we developed a natural deodorant that was SO effective, public demand grew rapidly. Realizing that the deodorant would be our star mascot, we switched gears and began focusing on and expanding the product line.

Fast forward to the summer of 2015. We received an invitation to participate in the 2016 Clean Beauty Awards in Toronto. Feeling honored, but mildly skeptical at our chances (we tend to be modest), we submitted our entries and then promptly suppressed any expectations about the event. To our amazement, we received word the following summer that our deodorant was in fact a Finalist in the Odour Care category! Feeling pretty darn proud, we shared the news with our friends and family, and made new goals for the product. When the final judging was announced and our deodorant was named Top Performer, we realized it was time to celebrate. 

For over 4 years now, KL Skin Naturals has been converting natural deodorant skeptics across the country. Our aim is to continue providing effective, reliable, easy to use deodorant and renew faith in consumers. If you haven’t yet tried our deodorant, what are you waiting for?