The Evolution of the Working Man Deodorant

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Some people have noticed that our Mens Deodorant has changed recently. Originally released with a daring name – WORKING MAN DEODORANT – we decided that we would tone down this deodorants unabashed masculinity a touch during the latest label re-design. 

Our creatively designed logo by Willoid, was constructed to mimic familiar work place gear.

The very first deodorant we made was the Working Man formula (which is now the Extra Strength Formula). Containing 25% more odor fighting baking soda, this deodorant very quickly proved itself to be a powerhouse of protection. “Ink Pink Deodorant” was the women’s line, which came shortly after, and was comparably effective, but contained less baking soda, making it more gentle on skin. Each line was set up with scents that suited their intended gender. What we did not anticipate at the time was how popular the mens scents would be with our lady customers! 

Although not the first version, this was the well known face of our Mens Deodorant for many years. 


Appreciating the extra odor protection, as well as the type of scents offered, many women have told us over the years that they will only use the mens varieties. However, it was determined that most women did not always appreciate having such a masculine title for their personal care items.

So we did what we always try to do. We listened to our customers and when it came time to redesign the look of our deodorants, we chose to neutralize the look. It also made sense to reduce the amount of clutter on the front label surface. Graphic design is a technical, and costly, undertaking. So we scrapped the bold title and opted for a cleaner, less complicated heading. 



The “EXTRA STRENGTH FORMULA” was born. Sporting a clean, no-fuss look with easy to recognize graphics, this new layout incorporated well into the rest of our deodorant lines. “Ink Pink Deodorant” is now our “CLASSIC FORMULA”, and if you were paying close attention, you’d remember we also had a “Pure Essentials” line, made with only pure essential oil scents. These versions merged into whatever formula their scent was classified into. “Energize”, for example, was voted as a male preferred scent, so became one of the Extra Strength Formula members. “Balance”, “Tranquil”, and “Uplift” had more of a feminine feel, and so became part of the Classic Formula lineup. These scent varieties have an extra tag line on their label ~WITH ESSENTIAL OILS~. 


As we always do, we invite customer feedback on our products. Every aspect of what we produce is based on how well it works, how good it smells, how appealing it looks, and how healthy it is for you!

On a side note, we have also adjusted our Extra Strength Formula to apply more smoothly. Some common male feedback indicated the original deodorant was sticking and pulling armpit hair…so let it be known that we listened, and reduced the beeswax slightly to remedy this issue. So…BOYS…any feedback?    


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